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Final Year Projects
Comparative study of risk perception of the technician and worker
Authors: Múñoz Moreno, Carlos i Navarro Ruíz, Juan Antonio
Integración de la prevención con calidad y medio ambiente en un proceso de control de ejecución de obra para una empresa constructora
Author: Ivan Muniente Castro
Designing a system of indicators of quality, environment and prevention for a company in the construction sector
Author: Cristina Belmonte Huertas
Comparative study of the perception of risk and technical workers in the construction sector
Authors: Vázquez, Sergio i Granados Casals, Daniel
Field study on training needs in the construction sector
Author: Rodríguez Raventós, Carles
Methodological proposal for the sectorization of a building by risk areas
Authors: Juan Manuel García Millán y Moisés Vázquez Gil
Cataloging and analysis of durability and risk of injury in the facades of Hospitalet de Llobregat
Authors: Barriuso Spranger, Núria i Estupiñà Gaudioso, Miquel
Developing a platform for analysis of durability of injuries on the façade. Applications in Santiago y Valparaiso (Chile)
Authors: Liébana Olmo, Juan Pedro i Molons Galobardes, Xavier
Cataloging and analysis of the durability of lesions in the facades in Hospitalet de Llobregat
Author: Llop García, Lluís
Analysis of durability by the magnitude of injuries in the facades of Hospitalet de Llobregat
Author: Tobar Pérez, Elisa
Analysis of the role of risk in the facade of the Eixample in Barcelona
Authors: Serra Carles, Glòria
Implementation of a Data Input Platform (PID) for lesions in facades and its evolution
Authors: Àlamo Plazas, Cristian i Barrera Torres, Elisabeth
Analysis of "time to injury "in existing facade and its severity. Characterization and prediction.
Author: Martín Escribano, Susana