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Congress Communications

SR0: A Simulation-Based Algorithm for the CVRP
Faulin, J.; Juan, A.; Lera, F.; Pintor, J.; Del Valle, A.
Public-Private Partnerships for Transportation Infrastructure Development
Grasman, S.; Faulin, J.; Juan, A.; Lera, F.
SimuRoute: A Simulation-Based Algorithm for the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem
Faulin, J.; Juan, A.; Ruiz, R.; Gilibert, M.
Optimising Routes in Road Transportation using ALGACEA procedures with Environmental Criteria
Faulin, J.; Juan, A.
Broadening the CRM domain of application to higher educational e-learning environments
Daradoumis, A.; Faulin, J.; Juan, A.; Martínez, F.; Rodriguez, I.; Xhafa, F.
Castelldefels Project: Simulating the Computer System that gives support to the Virtual Campus of the Open University of Catalonia
Juan, A.; Faulin, J.; Marques, J.; Arquimbau, M.
Using discrete-event simulation to develop academic and research projects in computer networking
Juan, A.; Faulin, J.; Marques, J.; Martinez, N.
Simulation of the Computer System of an on-line University Intranet
Faulin, J.; Juan, A.; Marques, J.; Roure, A.
Designing Reliable Systems via Simulation with SREMS
Faulin, J.; Juan, A., Bargueño, V.
Estimating Time-Depenent Complex System Reliability using Computer Simulation
Goyal, A.; Juan, A., Faulin, J.
An Excel Add-In for estimating complex systems reliability via Monte Carlo simulation
Juan, A., Faulin, J.
Simulating Queues in Call Centers using Excel Add-Ins
Juan, A.; Faulin, J.
Decisions Analysis in a Call Center using an Excel Add-In Simulator
Juan, A.; Faulín, J.