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Congress Communications

Uso de simulación multi-agente distribuida para resolver el problema de enrutamiento de vehículos
Juan, A.; Marull, J.; Ruiz, B.; Marques, J.; Vilajosana, X.
Combining Constraint Programming, Lagrangian Relaxation and Probabilistic Algorithms to solve the Vehicle Routing Problem
Guimarans, D.; Herrero, R.; Riera, D.; Juan, A.; Ramos, J.
Using Agent-based Simulation and Distributed Computing to Solve Vehicle Routing Problems
Juan, A.; Marull, J.; Jorba, J.; Hester, J.; Marques, J.; Vilajosana, X.
Using simulation to provide alternative solutions to the flowshop sequencing problem
Juan, A.; Guix, A.; Ruiz, R.; Fonseca, P.; Adelantado, F.
Reliability and Availability Issues in Large-Scale Distributed Systems
Juan, A.; Ionescu, D.; Marques, J.; Faulin, J.
A Simulation-based Approach for Solving the Flowshop Problem
Juan, A.; Ruiz, R.; Mateo, M.; Lourenço, H.
Solving the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem with Maximum Traveling Distance and Servie Time Requirements
Juan, A.; Faulin, J.; Adelantado, F.; Grasman, S.; Montoya, J.
Applications of Discrete-event Simulation to Reliability and Availability Assessment in Civil Engineering Structures
Juan, A.; Monteforte, A.; Ferrer, A.; Serrat, C.; Faulin, J.
Measuring Quality of Service in Online Higher Education via Importance-Performance Analysis
Martinez, M.; Juan, A.; Llados, J.
Applying Simulation and Reliability to Vehicle Routing Problems with Stochastic Demands
Juan, A.; Grasman, S.; Faulin, J.; Riera, D.; Mendez, C.; Ruiz, B.
Simulation and Modelling of a Multi-Lane Double Auction Mechanism to Allocate Computational Resources in the Grid
Vilajosana, X.; Krishnaswamy, R.; Juan, A.; Lazaro, D.; Marques, J.
How do students measure service quality in e-Learning?: a case study at the Open University of Catalonia
Martinez, M.; Castan, J.; Juan, A
Using discrete-event simulation to design reliable and cost-efficient civil engineering structures
Juan, A.; Ferrer, A.; Serrat, C.; Faulin, J.; Hester, J.; Lopez, P.
A constraint programming based library for the vehicle routing problem
Riera, D.; Juan, A.; Guimarans, D.; Pagans, E.
MAC layer Cooperation Analysis in Cognitive Wireless Networks
Adelantado, F.; Juan, A.; Verikoukis, C.
Discrete event simulation and fuzzy sets in structural reliability and availability in building construction
Ferrer, A.; Juan, A.; Serrat, C.; Lopez, P.; Faulin, J.; Beliakov, G.
A Simulation-based Methodology to assist Decision-makers in real Vehicle Routing Problems
Juan, A.; Faulin, J.; Riera, D.; Masip, D.; Jorba, J.
Using oriented random search to provide a set of alternative solutions to the capacitated vehicle routing problem
Juan, A.; Faulin, J.; Ruiz, R.; Barrios, B.; Gilibert, M.; Vilajosana, X.
SR-1: A Simulation-based Algorithm for the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem
Faulin, J.; Gilibert, M.; Juan, A.; Ruiz, R.; Vilajosana, X.
SURESIM: A Simulation-Based Algorithm to Predict Time-Dependent Structural Reliability
Juan, A.; Faulin, J.; Serrat, C.; Sorroche, M.; Ferrer, A.