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Congress Communications

Supporting Effective Monitoring and Knowledge Building in Online Collaborative Learning Environments
Caballe, S.; Juan, A.; Xhafa, F.
SR-2: A Hybrid Intelligent Algorithm for the Vehicle Routing Problem
Juan, A.; Faulin, J.; Jorba, J.; Grasman, S.; Barrios, B
Expanding the Customer Relationship Management Scope to the Non-Profit Organizations: an Analysis Focused on the E-University Domain
Daradoumis, A.; Faulin, J.; Juan, A.; Martinez, F.; Rodriguez, I.; Xhafa, F
Modelling & Simulation of a Virtual Campus
Juan, A.; Marques, J.; Vilajosana, X.; Faulin, J.; Fonseca, P
Towards decentralized resource allocation for collaborative peer to peer learning environments
Vilajosana, X.; Lazaro, D.; Marques, J.; Juan, A.
Bidding support for computational resources
Vilajosana, X.; Marques, J.; Krishnaswamy, R.; Juan, A.; Amara, N.; Navarro, L.
Developing an Information System for Monitoring Student’s Activity in Online Collaborative Learning
Juan, Α.; Daradoumis, Τ.; Faulin, J.; Xhafa, F.
Castelldefels Project: Modeling and Simulation of the Computer System that gives support to the Virtual Campus of the Open University of Catalonia
Juan, A.; Faulin, J.; Marques, J.; Fonseca, P.
J-SAEDES: A Simulation Software to improve Reliability and Availability of Computer Systems and Networks
Juan, A.; Faulin, J.; Sorroche, M.; Marques, J.
ALGACEA-2: An Entropy-Based Heuristics for the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem
Faulin, J.; Juan, A.
Designing Reliable Systems with SREMS++
Juan, A.; Goyal, A.; Faulin, J.; Bargueño, V.
SimuCall: an Excel Add-In for Call Centres Simulation
Juan, A.; Faulín, J.
System Reliability Analysis with Excel and VBA
Juan, A.; Bargueño. V.
Decision Analysis in a Call Center using an Excel Add- In Simulator
Juan, A.; Faulin. J
SR-GCWS-CS: Using Simulation to Perform Landscape Analysis for the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem
Faulin, J.; Juan, A.; Marull, J.; Lera, F.; Hester, J.; Barrios, B.
SS-NEH: Combining Simulation with the NEH heuristic for solving Flow-shop Scheduling Problems
Juan, A.; Faulin, J.; Guix, A.; Mateo, M.; Hester, J.; Ruiz, R
SimuRoute: Using Monte Carlo Simulation and Splitting Techniques to Produce a Solutions Set to the CVRP
Juan, A.; Faulin, J.; Grasman, S
SR-GCWS-CS: A Simulation-based Methodology to assist Decision-makers in real Vehicle Routing Problems
Arcelus, F.; Juan, A.; Faulin, J.; Grasman, S.; Barrios, B.
SimuRoute: Using Simulation to Provide Alternative Solutions to the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem
Juan, A.; Faulin, J.; Ruiz, R.; Barrios, B.; Vilajosana, X.
Green Forum at Eroski: Optimizing Logistics Activities with Environmental Criteria
Faulin, J.; Juan, A.; Lera, F.; Pintor, J.