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Magazine Articles

Towards an Internationals Standard on Occupational Health and Safety Management
Abad, J.; Mondelo, P.; LLimona, J. (2002). International journal of occupational safety and ergonomics , 8 (3) : 309-319.
Predicting availability functions in time-dependent complex systems with SAEDES simulation algorithms
J. Faulín, A.A. Juan, C. Serrat y V. Bargueño REF. REVISTA/LIBRO: Reliability Engineering and System Safety, 93, 1761-1771,(2008)
Nonparametric bivariate estimation for successive survival times
C. Serrat y G. Gómez REF. REVISTA/LIBRO: SORT, 31, 75-96, (2007)
Number of consumers necessary for shelf-life estimations based on survival analysis statistics
G.E. Hough, M.L. Calle, C. Serrat y A.V. Curia REF. REVISTA/LIBRO: Journal of Food Quality and Preference, 18, 771-775, (2007)
Using simulation to determine reliability and availability of telecommunication networks
A.A. Juan, J. Faulín, C. Serrat y V. Bargueño REF. REVISTA/LIBRO: European Journal of Industrial Engineering, 1, 131-151, (2007)
Determination of Optimum Concentrations of a Food Ingredient Using Survival Analysis Statistics
L.V. Garitta, C. Serrat, G.E. Hough y A.V. Curia REF. REVISTA/LIBRO: Journal of Food Science, 71(7), S526-S532, (2006)
S-PLUS en los estudios de supervivencia
G. Gómez, C. Serrat y K. Langohr REF. REVISTA/LIBRO: Fórum Tecnológico, Vol 4, pag 20 (2002)
Estudios de Supervivencia con Datos No Observados. Difcultades Inherentes al Enfoque Paramétrico
A short summary of the content. G. Gómez y C. Serrat REF. REVISTA/LIBRO: Questiió, 23(2), 365-392, (1999)
CD4+ Lymphocites and Tuberculin Skin Test as Survival Predictors in Pulmonary Tuberculosis HIV-infected Patients
C. Serrat, G. Gómez, P. García de Olalla y J. Caylµa REF. REVISTA/LIBRO: International Journal of Epidemiology, 27, 703-712, (1998)
Weighted conditional survival estimator for ordered failure times subject to a common censoring process
G. Gómez, C. Serrat y L. Ruiz * Submited *
Joint modelling of a time-to-event data and a longitudinal variable: methodological and computational issues
J. Huertas, C. Serrat y G. Gómez * Submitted *