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The IEMAE has its research tasks within the following fields:

1. Structural Reliability

  • Deterministic an probabilistic models.
  • Optimitzation.
  • Simulation based Algorithms.
  • Software Implementations.
People involved: Carles Serrat, Angel Juan

2. Survival Maintenance

  • Survival analysis techniques and building maintenance.
  • Censored data.
  • Implementation in S-PLUS®, by Insightful®, of the the routines for a numerical and graphical systematic analysis.
People involved: Carles Serrat

3. Scheduling

  • Production Scheduling.
  • Pendular Logarithm.
  • Exact vs. heuristic methods.
  • Hoist Scheduling Problem
People involved: Manel Mateo

4.  Safety at Building Construction

  • Statistical treatment of data.
People involved: Jesus Abad

5 Related Areas