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Designing Reliable Systems and Networks using Discrete-Event Simulation: a case study
A. Juan, J. Faulín, C. Serrat y J. Marqués
SAEDES++: Determining Complex System Availability via Simulation
A. Juan, J. Faulín, V. Bargueño y C. Serrat
On the use of Simulation Techniques and Reliability Theory to solve Stochastic Routing Problems
Juan, A.; Grasman, S.; Faulin, J.; Riera, D.; Mendez, C.; Ruiz, B.
SimuRial Algorithm: Using Reliability Concepts to Solve the Vehicle Routing Problem with Stochastic Demands
Faulin, J.; Juan, A.; Riera, D.; Grassman, S.; Mendez, C.
Heuristic Methods based on Reliability Probabilistic Models to Solve the Vehicle Routing Problems with Stochastic Demands
Juan, A.; Faulin, J.; Ruiz, B.; Riera, D.
SimuRial: A Reliability-Based Algorithm to Solve the Vehicle Routing Problem with Stochastic Demands using Monte Carlo Simulation
Juan, A.; Faulin, J.; Grasman, S.; Del Valle, A.
Reliability and Availability Issues in Large-Scale Distributed Systems
Juan, A.; Ionescu, D.; Marques, J.; Faulin, J.
Using discrete-event simulation to design reliable and cost-efficient civil engineering structures
Juan, A.; Ferrer, A.; Serrat, C.; Faulin, J.; Hester, J.; Lopez, P.
Discrete event simulation and fuzzy sets in structural reliability and availability in building construction
Ferrer, A.; Juan, A.; Serrat, C.; Lopez, P.; Faulin, J.; Beliakov, G.
SURESIM: A Simulation-Based Algorithm to Predict Time-Dependent Structural Reliability
Juan, A.; Faulin, J.; Serrat, C.; Sorroche, M.; Ferrer, A.
Designing Reliable Systems with SREMS++
Juan, A.; Goyal, A.; Faulin, J.; Bargueño, V.
Predicting availability functions in time-dependent complex systems with SAEDES simulation algorithms
J. Faulín, A.A. Juan, C. Serrat y V. Bargueño REF. REVISTA/LIBRO: Reliability Engineering and System Safety, 93, 1761-1771,(2008)
Using simulation to determine reliability and availability of telecommunication networks
A.A. Juan, J. Faulín, C. Serrat y V. Bargueño REF. REVISTA/LIBRO: European Journal of Industrial Engineering, 1, 131-151, (2007)